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.:Rising Winter :.

.:Rising Winter :.
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rock / hard rock


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  Formed in January 2009, with the idea of playing rock music, Rising Winter has achieved much in past couple of months. From its very beginning band was meant to be international project, a collaboration of musicians from around the world. Line ups came and went and recording became more or less a problem. Also due multiple composers band had too much space between sounds of the songs. From 18 composed songs, only 10 were selected for debut album “In Times Of Great Storm” which is finished recording and its being slowly prepared for mixing. Band decided to release the album as internet release.
  Concerning the band line up, band is open to collaborate with session musicians but there are four permanent members in line up at this time – Nordawn, Dušan, Mathijs, Igor and Marko. The line-up is working on the second album whose recording is expected to start in October 2009. Much more work will be dedicated to it. Meanwhile work on small EP called “Svet U Ogledalu” is in progress. EP will be sang in Serbian and also available for free download when completed.
  …And The Answer (Single - February 2009, Self-Released)
  Promo 2009 (EP – May 2009, Self-Released)
  In Times Of Great Storm (full-length – coming soon, Self-Released)
  Svet U Ogledalu (EP- coming soon)
  We’re always interested to collaborate with other musicians, if you are interested to collaborate let us know. There are few terms you need to know about before applying for collaborations. First we don’t pay studio recordings or studio hours, we aren’t a profitable band, so don’t expect that sort of treatment. Second thing of course is recording space – it’s wise that you have terms for recording music. We don’t mean a high quality recording studio (although that would be really good) just a decent terms to record your instruments in. So by decent terms we mean no buzzing, no voices, no background music or anything like that. Also we prefer tracks submitted in raw format, so no echoes, equalizers or that sort of things. You are allowed to normalize and amplify the sound. But we need the sound clean. Third thing is of course musical skills If you think you are ok with our terms, we are always opened for new members to contribute.
  About instruments, we are opened to any sort of instruments, be it mandolins, strings, pipes, banjos, we always like to experiment and bring new sound into our music. Also we are open for vocalists too, but only clean vocals allowed, no screams no growls needed. So if you are interested in collaboration mail us at with subject “Session member” or send us personal message on myspace.

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