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James V.

James V.
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   I've often wondered how many struggling or starving Indie artists would accept a life like Elvis had, and trade fame for a short wild ride...I would not...between this site and so many others I've been on I can't imagine anything better with no real trade off...but Yes.. being Elvis would be pretty cool, which is why I wrote "I wanna be KING"
   The internet takes original indie music from the closet, or sock drawer, and puts it to the world. The Labels have made every effort possible to maintain control over their market - I believe that artists control their destiny.... There was a time when radio was thought to be a threat to the record industry...and a time further back when artists feared that less people would go to live performances if their music was freely available by radio and record. Once upon a time I only played cassette tapes, in my car stereo to friends that showed an interest in my music, or I sent demo tapes to University radio stations...I have since been played and D-loaded from all over the world here at my favorite site!, at (when that site mattered) and also a bit at CBC Canada - anyway - grande total plays and downloads is well over 200 thousand times - that'd take over 10,000 hours in the car stereo! best regards, James V.
  I got so tired of holding groups together * If it wasn't one guitar player playing with the others girlfriend.. or the drummer getting arrested DUI < too much to write on one > * so this is just James V - solo artist...but heh a solo artist never "breaks up" * To date I have managed to get downloaded some 200 thousand times between,and CBC Canada mostly... and here plenty...Music and Art are a personal experience and not really complete until people react with them...truthfully - I don't care about money or fame - of course there's not too much to care about either..I got loads of emails from all over the world, and lots of good memories thus far * I'm looking forward now to hitting one million plays - add one please ;) and Thank you!

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