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  45 MOBO awards nominated!!!. Not many UK artists, in the arena of hip-hop or otherwise, can boldly state that their sonic experiments twice (first with "Radford you get me", later with The "Mans world" b side "Funky") transformed the UK musical landscape. But, then again, every artist is not 45 (aka) Mr.45
  "Although I’m from the Nottingham / United Kingdom, I try to make music that will have a universal appeal," says 45, whose latest disc Black Diamonds (Flashy Feet Entertainment/MVP All-star Records) is as musically diverse as the constant lyrical gems flowing from his mouth. "It’s always been my desire to make music for the world."
  Although it has been a few years since the release of 45 groundbreaking single "Mans world" b side "Funky"., This went into heavy rotation in the clubs and the radio to the point where rap mogul JAY Z is being interviewed live on the Tim Westwood show and stops in the middle of the interview as he hears the track "Funky" playing in the background, JAY Z says quote "Big up Mr. 45 that cat is tight".
  The same single was also nominated for the prestigious MOBO awards and wins second place because of no video. It’s not like the brother has been sleeping on the job. (HHC also voted That 45's "Funky" is one of the best singles of the 90’s.) Indeed, having worked on projects with Glamour Kid also supported Busta rhymes. He also toured with New York's own Smooth Da Hustler and Trigga the Gambler, a sophomore solo disc was the furthest thing from 45’s mind.
  "I’ve always been just producer at heart, but my friends and family kept insisting that I do another banging project."
  On Black Diamonds, Nottingham’s own sound scientist (P.Brothers, L.Ramsey, N.Stez and B.rock) has co-produced with 45, seventeen banging’ soundtracks, designed to thrill the souls of hip-hop macks worldwide.

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