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Bändin jäsenet

  Campos, RJ
  POSITION: guitar/vocals
  AGE: 17
  Cook, Derek
  POSITION: drums
  AGE: 19
  Dickson, Tim
  POSITION: bass/bvg's
  AGE: 19
  Palmer, Chris
  POSITION: guitar/vocals
  AGE: 20

Tietoa bändistä

  In the winter of 2001, the pop-punk band 2ndOPTION was formed. The band's original line-up consisted of Chris Palmer (vocals/guitar), RJ Campos (guitar), Tim Dickson (bass), and Derek Cook (drums). Within the last year their style has dramatically changed, for the better, and they've become harder, more melodic, and gotten a whole lot tighter. Today, Chris and RJ share singing duties and Tim joins in on bvg's to create three-part harmonies (something they never thought possible when they started). They all share the high hopes of getting signed to a label and making a living out of music.

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